Trading Policy

Open a Trade Account and start saving today!

NEW: We are no longer taking in books on Sundays. Mon-Fri 9am-6pm is the best time to bring books in to add to your Trade Account.

To start a Trade Account, just bring books in! We’ll add up the retail paperback prices of what we can take and multiply that amount by 30%. This is your Trade Account Balance.

Your Trade Account can be used in several different ways:

  • You get 30% off of new books – that’s any new book in the store or any new book that we order for you. The 30% savings is subtracted from your Trade Account Balance and you pay for the rest of the book. 30% off a new book is as cheap as we can sell it.
  • You get 30% off of red tag used books. These are bestsellers/new releases or favorites. The 30% savings is subtracted from your Trade Account Balance and you pay for the rest of the book.
  • Plus, you get our trade books for only 50 cents! These books have a small clip taken out of the upper right hand corner. Half the cover price comes off your Trade Account Balance and you only pay 50 cents a book! If your Trade Account Balance reaches zero then these books go back to being half price.

Don’t want to give up your books? That’s OK! Great prices can still be found at Rose’s Bookhouse!

New books get a 10% discount and we have a great selection of gently read books for 30-50% off! Be sure to check out $1 or $2 tote and bargain bins where you can get 5 paperback books for $3.99!

New books ordered by Monday generally arrive within a week.

~Books purchased at Rose’s Bookhouse can be returned for use on your Trade Account.

~The best time to bring books in is Mon-Fri 9am-6pm. We do NOT take books in on Sundays.

~We do NOT take books in on days we have events (check HERE to see if we have an event planned). In some emergency cases we might not be able to accept books on a given day, but we do our very best to keep to our regular schedule.

~Please observe our ONE bag or medium sized box per day limit. We can get in as many as 200-500 books in a single day so in order to allow everyone to bring books in we must adhere to our ONE bag or medium sized box a day limit.

NEW: To help clarify the amount of books that can be brought in per day we have now given a number. Please bring in no more than 40 paperbacks or 20 hardbacks in per day. One hardback equals two paperbacks. Thanks!

Hardbound or odd size books are accepted on a value judgment basis only. If there is anything we can’t use we do give that back to you. We can not dispose of unwanted books.

We do NOT accept: Reader’s Digest Condensed books, encyclopedias, textbooks, magazines, discarded library books, books with the covers torn off or damaged books. We can not take dirty, moldy, smoky books or books brought in a trash bag.

Any questions? Check out our FAQ or call 636-272-5857 during regular business hours.

Please keep in mind that we do NOT buy used books and your Trade Account Balance is NOT a cash credit.

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you soon!